Testing out a new playlist

How do you find a new playlist to run to?  Do you let your music randomly go by playing a station or do you make a playlist?  I am trying to narrow down my half marathon playlist for this spring's half marathon and I have been switching it all up and relying on Spotify.  Has anyone used this with the playlist function?  Have any great songs that I should add?  As you can see, I have a lot of self "push" songs like "Hungry", "Believer", "The Greatest" and "Heavy Crown".

My game plan is...creating the playlist and downloading them all to my phone so that I am not burning through my data.  Well because of that and so I do not burn through my phone's battery as fast.  I have had the horrible luck of almost always finishing races with a dead phone.  What're your thoughts?



Also...  I am happily pushing through this training with the annual goal in mind.  Currently, I am sitting at 8.3/750 miles complete!  Yes, I am already counting it out like this.  I think I need to for me mentally.  I do so much better when I celebrate the progress instead of focusing on the work ahead.

Another goal for this year is to try new things!  Today I went to my first Freedom Barre class.  I definitely enjoyed it and I definitely found areas in my legs that are weak even though I am running and weight training.  Next up...Sprint, Body Pump, Piyo & Hot Yoga


Happy Running!