Relax, Rest & Recover

Rest day is the hardest day for me. I have come to a point that it takes more out of me to sit put for a day than to run, bike or lift but I also remember that was not always the case. During the Couch 2 5K days, the rests were amazing but I am not too far from that moment to remember why... I was legitimately in need of rest.  My body was not used to the stress that was learning to run a 5K distance.  As I kept going to Bridge 2 10K and half marathon training, my body was being pushed way past comfortable.

I found solace in sayings like this...

Quality training + Quality nutrition + Quality rest = Quality Results!

The more I trained, the more I needed.  Now I am trying to train my mind to accept slowing down for at least one day.  Focusing in on a sound diet on those days...not for the means of a "diet" but to help aid the recovery by fueling my body well.  Remembering that my muscles need rest as well as I mentally need it.  I get going so high intensity through life... if I don't slow down, I will burn out.  Same goes for my training!  And rest is not just sleeping but active rest too. I am learning to just focus on happy for my rest day. Do something fun. Meet up with someone. Enjoy the moment so that when training is over, life has not passed me by!

Rest days have become...

  • Netflix binge day
  • Hot yoga day
  • Coffee or lunch with friends
  • Meal prep...  I really love to cook!

I challenge you to find a day to stop and breathe.  I know in the world of "busy" that is unheard of, but do it!  Take a day, an hour, a minute...something just for you!

Happy Running!