Be-You-Tifully Fit: In the wake of a relapse.

Over the last couple month of 2017, I had given up. I admit it. I wish I could pinpoint what it was that did it, but I cannot. Life was as it normally was in our household. The only new stressors were the CPT test and my husband's college studies. And since summer running with the four kids home was hard, I missed out on my stress relief. Not to mention, I missed a few races that I planned to run due to my husband's schedule or sick kids. Instead, I was pushing a little more into strengthening my body, but I fell short there as the results I desired did not come through. The Rubix cube of life seemed to just not want to line up for me. Or maybe I was focusing in the wrong places. body put on all the weight it had lost on it and then some. I loved the way that I felt most of the time on it BUT I did not love the not being hungry. I am an emotional eater so you would think that would be good for me but it was not. Instead, I lost the desire to cook. Also, no excuses being made here BUT I really wish that one of the many books I had read had mentioned more regarding people with gallstones and/or had their gallbladder removed. My husband shredded down quickly on keto but I had to fight for every bit of it. Afterwards, we both puffed back up literally. Without carbohydrates and with carbohydrates was the difference of our muscle definition showing or our faces looking puffy. But the gallbladder body could not process the fat that I was using as fuel as well as the next person.

"Who Should Avoid Following a Keto Diet

Individuals with liver disease, gallbladder obstruction or missing a gallbladder, those who take steroids (which increase blood glucose), lactating women and some athletes should not follow a ketogenic diet. In these cases, a higher-fat intake may not be well tolerated and a balance of macronutrients would provide a better nutritional outcome."

Meanwhile, my thyroid seemed to be slowing down on me even more as I slowed down my cardio. That's the thing about it all... As long as I push past the tired, I achieve the benefits of exercising with hypothyroidism like energy and metabolism working harder. If I let the hormones win, I fall apart and asleep.

So here I am... Back to where I started. Back to blogging my weight, victories, frustrations and all else. Now that I am back to work in the field of health and fitness...I need to find my happy fit again. I need to run free again. I need to just be again.

If you need me, I'll be out on a trail reminding myself of all that I grew to love!

Happy running!