Be-You-Tifully Fit: GF Life

It's hard to explain to people why I seemingly "try all the fads".  When Adrian and I first started down our lifestyle change, it was with the thoughts of just swapping for healthier choices.  We choose fresh veggies over canned and less pasta/bread.  After that, we moved to "eating clean".  Attempted paleo meals here and there.  Tried keto.  Now I am going gluten-free.  The decisions are not for the vanity reasoning.  I am forever trying to fix my thyroid or at least stop my immune system's relentless attack on it.

What this chart shows is only my weight from the scale BUT to me, it says so much more.  The beginning of last year was when I was triathlon training.  That consisted of weekly swimming, cycling, running and strength training...I was doing about 8 cardio workouts a week!  My body was maintaining my "normal" weight since I had started strength training.  Prior to that, I came off of 3 years of marathon training cycles.  This is my body without full blown training.  This is my body without the intensity of 40-75 mile weeks.  This is my body in its normal state.

So the questions I'm left I continuously run long distance even when I don't have it in me or do I find the root cause of what is hurting me?  In the last month, I have reluctantly gone gluten-free.  In the last month, I have also lost 10 lbs and logged workouts for 18 of those days.  My thyroid panel was also run again last week to discover that my levels have dropped a significant amount!

Now, I am on the search for all things gluten-free.  If you have any suggestions, please share!!

  • restaurants - to avoid my anniversary restaurant choosing irritation that happened
  • stores with great selections
  • recipes!
  • brands that are better
  • any things that I wouldn't expect gluten to be in