Be-You-Tifully Fit: Making plans

So many things are happening in life right now... the girls are leading up to their dance recital, two of them are enjoying baseball, we have been trying to sell our home, I have been working, my husband has been in college and the Marines Corps now wants to send us to Camp Pendleton.

I tried to make all of these plans for us for the fall and the next year BUT I am realizing that I am not in control. It's a hard lesson to learn when I am used to planning all the things in ink in my planner. Juggling all of the schedules to make it all fit. Now I am sitting here with now idea how our days are going to look in 3 months. There is one thing I can plan though. I can plan on me. I can plan on me showing up, lacing my shoes and running. That has always been there no matter what we have had in front of us. It may not always be pretty. It surely may hurt but it's there. It's always there. The pavement is not sitting there checking out paperwork for the umpteenth time. The trail doesn't force you into a million phone calls and errands. The sidewalk is just there. Begging for you to come and visit. Run out your stress and fill your heart with gratitude because when all else is out of can do this! You can always do this!!!

Happy running!