It has been following me

This last lesson keeps following me around. I did not have words for it when it first started but it's been the theme for the week. "One person's struggle is another person's dream". It is so hard to get caught up in our own lives and the stress that is in it. We think about how much our husbands irritate us by doing or saying something but we don't take a step back, pause and realize we should be thankful to have him. Someone is out there praying for a good husband. We lose our minds in the busy and yell at our kids but we don't always step back, pause and realize that we should be thankful we have them. Someone is out there praying for a child. We look at our bodies and pick out the things we don't like then obsess over them but we don't step back, pause and realize that others would be proud to have this body. It's so hard to be grateful of our stresses in the thick of it all!

Gratitude is one of the harder values to own around the clock. Really we have a tendency to be grateful during Thanksgiving time only but that shouldn't be the case. So as I am about to start marathon #8's training, I have decided to tweak my plan. On each long run, I will commit to think about one thing that I am grateful for. Yes, I am writing this in the main running plan because I need this more than anything else. In this season of change in my life, I need the smiles, not the stresses.

As I go through them, I'll be sure to share. Long runs begin next week ❤️ Today's run...just grateful I laced up to remember how it all feels to really find clarity in my thoughts!

Happy running!