Be-You-tifully Fit: Excuse me, miss

This last weekend I was stopped by a woman who just wanted to say, "You have a nice shape. I just wanted to let you know." I could not help but smile and thank her profusely as lately I have been uncomfortably pulling at my shorts that are growing tighter.

We as women should do that more.

We should take the time to be uncomfortable and feel awkward if it means that we will be sharing love and joy for one another.

We should stop scrolling through Facebook and comment "beautiful" or "stunning". Compliment those selfies because maybe just maybe she needs it today.

We should go up to a woman we have seen working her butt off and tell her that we noticed. Say "great job"! Say "way to go" and mean it! What if she is full of doubt and that is the one thing that turns it all around?!

Spread good will and be the reason that someone smiles. We all have moments of insecurity, fear and self-doubt. We have societal anxieties for not being perfectly shaped immediately after having babies. Our magazines are filled with weight loss, the perfect butt exercises, how to have a flat tummy and get rid of those flabby arms. And while doing all of those things... have a Pinterest perfect home, meal prep, bake and home cook, raise perfect kids and be amazing in the workforce. We are so damn hard on ourselves. How can we possibly win?

I'll tell you how. By encouraging each other every step of the way. Tell the next woman they are not a failure. Tell them they are enough and that is absolutely beautiful! Each person has a gift for their own perfect things and that is wonderful but we don't all need to be perfect in everything. If we do that, we lose our uniqueness. Or even worse...we try to do it all and burn ourselves out. Our light dims.

You do you, girl! And that is enough!

Happy Running!


PS I bet you have a nice shape too! 😘