MCM Training Week 1

Getting back into the swing of marathon training has been proving to be a lot harder mentally than I imagined. It's probably also because when I originally planned it...I wasn't moving across the nation. But life happens and perspectives change. Now marathon training is more of a much needed distraction from life.

As I type this, movers are coming in and out of our home for the past 6 years hauling out all of our things. It's surreal. This whole process. Just as soon as you think that you've coped with it all you enter the next phase. Your house empties. You live like squatters. You try to keep everyone excited for the road trip. You're registering and cancelling utilities. Setting up life in your new place that you've never seen before.

But least I have this. I have a planned time and place for coming back and spending time with my close friends from this chapter of my life. I have a means to keep active. To run the stress out. To have something I can control and accomplish without a million people needing to sign off on it.

In the midst of it all, I can still grumpily run happy as long as I have someone who won't let me do something stupid like a marathon alone ❤️

Happy running!