MCM Training Week 2

What a week!!!! It started off with my birthday, continued with Fourth of July and ended with my best friend from NJ coming down on her birthday! It was super hard to get runs in. I missed two of my weekly runs BUT I did make it to have one more beach run down at Topsail ❤️.

Truth be told I didn't want to really leave my house. I wanted to run my neighborhood streets. I want to run the beach. I wanted to be with NJ Steph for her time here. And I wanted to spend 7 hot miles with my NC Stephanie (and the post run birthday burrito from Vida Tacos!). That's just how it's going. I'm not following the plan I wrote...I'm following my heart and following His plan for me.

I believe he is preparing me for what lies ahead. Giving me all the moments and all the memories right until the end so I can leave here with an overflowing, full heart. This entire process's been challenging to deal with my emotions but I keep saying, "His plan, not my plan" and repeating the song lyrics "if the wind goes where You tell it, so will I". So grateful for my overall internal calm with all of this. The other 3 times we've done this cross country trip I hit deep depressions and was overwhelmed with anxiety. This time I just need to give it all to Him. He has great things set before our family ❤️

Happy running