MCM Training Week 3

The last week in our home. I ran the streets one more time. These beautiful streets of the golf course. They have helped me train through countless races of countless distances. With summer runs that ended jumping in the pool... RAGNAR training runs done in the darkness with friends on the nature trails created by construction vehicles... With my babies as they pushed themselves to do their Stroller Warrior mini miles... the streets we Pokémon hunted on... the streets my kids learned to ride bikes on... these streets...they have magic in the pavement.

To be honest, I did not get my drawdown long run in because we had packers and then movers at the house. Then we had a weekend of marathon style painting and cleaning. I did however log over 17 miles in I managed that in a 1,489 sq foot house is absolutely nuts to me! So we will call my 5 mile long run done with a "cross training" of sorts.

It's getting easier. My legs are beginning to remember what to do. They are also beginning to remember the pain of training. I went in for a sports massage this week...goodness! That was a hurt on hurt but well overdue!!!

I hope you find some happiness in the pavement in front of you. Try to imagine what it has seen over the course of time. It's truly amazing.

Happy running!