MCM Training Week 5

This has been weird. I'll admit I had 2 thought paths when our move/summer all planned out to the kids not being with us. 1. We get peace during this crazy stressful time to wrap up everything AND the kids also have the peace of not having to do this while they enjoy the country and family of it all at Mom and Pop's. 2. My husband and I are going to end up divorced by the end of this.

We have been together for over 11 years and our eldest is 10. Honestly, these last couple weeks have been the longest we have ever been alone together in our entire relationship. In the very beginning, we were "alone" but also across the nation from each other. There are days that I believe the kids are a buffer for my anxiety with this man and then there are days when my faith is strengthened in the thought of being 80 years old on rocking chairs still holding hands.

Thankfully, this time with him has kept my running going a bit more. I've been begging him to run with me and then discuss what he needs to for this PCS. It keeps me moving instead of skipping the planned workouts or runs. Admittedly, I am still not doing them all but I'm much closer than I have been. Little by little. Day by day. I am getting my body ready for this marathon.