Marathon Training Week 6

I am trying, you guys. I am trying hard to tell this to myself over and over.

In the wait, I have...

    Watched all of 13 reasons why
    Attempted to do at least 75% of my training runs
    Painted all the white trim in the entire house
    Watched all of the Lizzie Borden Chronicles
    Survived 5 days in a house with no coffee maker
    Gone to the beach a couple times
    Accepted into a masters program for nutrition
    Went for walks just for the conversation
    Read Cultivate What Matters a 3rd time
    Clean & purged our stuff before the movers
    Watched 12 seasons of Supernatural
    Got the tattoos I had been never finding time to get
    Went to the remaining places on my list of places to go before I go
    Read Anxious for Nothing
    Watched 4 seasons of Parks and Recreation
    Caught up on my blog writing again ❤️
    Watched the new Orange is the New Black season
    Had unsupervised trips to Target that didn't cost me my entire paycheck
    Steam cleaned the carpets
    Went on dates with my husband
    Last workouts and hugs with clients who became friends
    Had a ton of house showings
    Read Girl, Wash Your Face for the 3rd time
    Spent time laughing with my closest friends
    Read the Bible study for mil-spouses called Directed
    Watched the entire season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel with my best friend
    Closed all of our local accounts
    Began to open all we will need as well as school pre-registrations
    Went thrifting with my bestie

Granted that list is probably meaningless to you, but in the many things happen. So many wonderful things. The wait provided time of reflection, time with love, time walking beside friends, and time for closure. So I guess the wait just gets a bad rap. In the wait, we are prepared for the next chapter. We are pushed to sit within the beauty of what we had created a little bit longer. We are forced to make a couple more memories. In the wait, we are ripened and ready for what's next.

So run the runs building up to the day as though you are chipping away at to do list. You're readying yourself for the day when this chapter will come to a close. You are strengthening and ripening. You are becoming something new. You are savoring the journey. You are appreciating the change. You are opening yourself to what lies ahead with a strength you never had before.

So go out there. Run that run. Enjoy the ride. But most of happy!