Marathon Training Week 7, 8 & 9…In PCS Muck

I have not run in 3 weeks. It has been killing me to just have those lines through my training plan. The empties on my Garmin Connect. I had such thoughts of grandeur heading into this. I really thought that I'd just pack my fitness suitcase and still pull off 11, 12 & 13 mile long runs. But I wasn't realistic. Sometimes goals aren't. Learning that we need to give ourselves grace to stop in the middle and re evaluate our goals.

This is the week I drove the kids, cat and myself across the country.

This was the week the movers came and we began the great unpacking of our lives.

By the time I hit those two little blue purplish days...

  • My arches from flat feet hurt even in support shoes
  • My shins were screaming
  • My right knee was achy
  • My left hamstring hurt every time going up and down the stairs
  • And I was pretty much like a narcoleptic because there was no telling when I'd pass out somewhere with my mouth wide one and drooling.

So there you have it.

That brings me up to yesterday. My first run in SoCal. It was tough. My lunges didn't like it. My legs were on fire from the hills. But it's done.

I would love to tell you this puts me completely back on track for my marathon training but now I know better. It's time to train with grace. I will take the remaining 9 weeks and ease back into this safely.

My goals have been re-evaluated. The only thing I have in mind for this race is to make it back to the east coast again to run with one of my best friends ❤️