Marathon Training Week 10

My runs this week have been slow and painful. I have had to pull myself out of focusing on the "I can't do this" broken record playing in my head. But really...these runs are temporary pain. They take place in a mere blip in the timeline of life. Sure, they all build my body towards something bigger but the truth is I have survived worse than the pain this run has to give.

I fear talking about some things because then I remember that they were real. But I remember the lonely feelings that accompany those moments and I have felt a deep pull to put myself out there. To be honest even though terrified so maybe someone else will not feel so alone.

There are scary parts of life that we just want to forget. None of us have lived perfect lives. And the older I get, the more I realize how hurt I was in my younger years. If someone crossed me, I sought vengeance or fought in a passive aggressive manner. I wanted them to hurt how I hurt or hurt myself. But there is no power in that. There is no love in that. It is empty. The real strength is finding ways to love that person or yourself. To accept. To forgive. To be kind when all instincts say to push back. To know you are not alone and that you should not let someone else feel the burden of loneliness. This world is hard enough. We don't need to make it harder for each other.

Say the words.

Apologize or accept the apology.

Wish them all the best.

Know that not everyone will like you and that's okay. You are beautiful in God's eyes. He made you exactly how you are and He has a purpose for your brokenness. Maybe it's to make the waves and do the things that are not the norm.

Shine your light bright!

Live courageously and bold!

Change the world!

Happy Running, Beautiful!