Marathon Training Week 11 & the last for 2018.

This week was amazing. I got the chance to meet up with a running friend from North Carolina over here in California. What a small world the US Marine Corps really is! Well, she offered to long run with me and with a 16 miler on the plan...I had to take her up on the 16 mile Coaster run!

We met up at the Solana Beach Coaster station and rode up to Oceanside then began our 16 miles back to the cars!

The views were amazing!!!

We even ended up passing a place that I was recommended to try for coffee and it was right when the lack of caffeine headache was beginning too.

I am most definitely heading back to Pannikin when I am not trekking down the coast on foot. I did however enjoy a latte mid run 😂

But can we talk about the coolest branding on the sidewalks or the artwork?!?! This was such an awesome experience and wonderful time catching up with a good friend. She also helped me work through one of the most difficult decisions...whether or not to do the Marine Corps Marathon in 2018.

We didn't plan on a PCS. We didn't plan on our world being completely changed. Losing framily that was close in proximity and my running buddies. Moving to hilly running areas and trying to stop continue the mileage build. Lots of emotions from everyone. It just wasn't working no matter how much I wanted it to.

I feel at peace now though. The bib was transferred to someone that took my burden and found it to be a blessing. And I can work on eating hills for breakfast, lunch and dinner...and liking it.