A Foodie Family’s SoCal Adventure: Buccaneer’s Cafe & Ohana Cupcakes

Adrian and I ventured out to the Stroller Warriors workout over near the Strand at Buccaneers Park. We had been told over and over that this was a favorite running strip from friends that have lived here before. Some ladies also informed me that it was the spot for amazing breakfast burritos too!

We went for our run and then stopped at Buccaneers Cafe on the way back. This picture...I should have put my hand next to it for reference because it looks small. It most certainly was not!!! We split that burrito and I was full for a couple hours after. Let's just say that I will not head to that run without my debit card for post-run treats!!!

^ These. I do not even know what to say. They are cupcakes made with amazingness, topped with awesome and sprinkled with delight. I found these by total randomness while trying to find the AT&T store to get our account fixed. Funny story...the GPS kept leading me to an adult beverage place instead which is what I felt I needed trying to take care of an issue with a 60 minute wait and a school pickup looming. ANYWAY! I skipped the AT&T wait and stumbled upon Ohana Cupcakes.

Flavors (left to right)

  1. Chocolate glazed
  2. Vanilla funfetti
  3. Chocolate peanut butter
  4. Pumpkin spice
  5. Vanilla funfetti (or the littles would have wrestled each other over the one. And yes, they're girls. Girls wrestle too. They don't do pretty, clean tea parties like unknowing parents think they will, but I digress)
  6. Red velvet

They even had puppy cupcakes!!!!

We are definitely looking to head back. My eldest girl is even debating a birthday party there where they make mini cupcake batter, the cupcakes are made in these presses and they decorate them. For those that know her, this is right up her alley!