DIY Halloween Candle Holders

At the beginning of the year, I set one really big intention for myself.  It was to be on time.  No, not necessarily on time to events or meetups.  I'm still working on that.  I figure in 13 years I should be able to nail that one perfectly aka once Hannah is off to college.  I mean on time for us.  For the things that my family wants to do.

Halloween is sort of a big deal in my family.  My mom decorated the house so well that we became one of those that people would intentionally slowly drive passed to see what scene she had set.  There were a couple years that my mom would make these amazing costumes for my brother and I.  One year, I even won a costume contest for Cheetah (DC Universe).  Long story short, my family always gets to Halloween wishing we had done more.  Wishing we had planned more.  Put more thought into our costumes.  Decorated more.  Crafted or created more.

After my saving Halloween costumes in my Amazon cart during our move across the nation, we purchased them all as soon as we had the keys for our house here.  I decorated on the first day of fall.  My husband was not as keen with the idea but the kids were over the moon!  As he sees the smiles and hears the giggles, his heart has changed.  No need for the Halloween Scrouge to be in this house between you and me.

Here was our first craft that we made from

All we needed was over at Lowe's!

The gluing was the most trying part.  The strings!  The glue strings were everywhere!

Oh and don't be like me...when you finish your project, remember that the cardboard you spraypainted on needs to ventilate too.  Otherwise, you'll have a wonderful smell as you head to your car the next morning.


Happy Crafting!