Date Night @ Local Tap House

DATE NIGHT!!!  WHAT WHAT!!!  After the last six years living very far from family, I have to say this was everything we could have asked for.  Truthfully, it was not planned.  My husband and I are both taking classes online.  He is in a bachelor's degree program for electronic engineering-nanotechnology and I am finishing up pre-requisites for a master's degree program in human performance-nutrition.  Our weekends consist of catching up on an overwhelming amount of reading and homework.  We try to manage the best we can during the week but life!

The intention for this weekend was an overnight family fun trip with my in-laws and the kids at Knotts Berry Farm.  The reality was I had 200 pages to read and an exam to take while my husband completed physics homework.  Needless to say, the in-laws grabbed the kids and headed out without us.  That right there.  That was kind of amazing.  We are so used to never having time.  Never having a moment.  Having to find a babysitter and pay a large amount due to per kid charges or begging friends to keep them.  We are used to the inconveniences and not the freedom.  Our date nights had guilt that we were imposing on another stressed out "away from family too" family, so for the kids to just happily head out was like a dream come true.  No coordination of itineraries.  Just packed their bags and they were gone.

My Saturday also had a long appointment with me studying on my phone with a ton of foils in my hair.  It continued with studying in the car on the way down to San Diego for shopping at Ikea and Roadrunner Sports then studying on the way back with stomachs that were making extremely loud noises.  My heart wanted shrimp tacos until I saw the pictures for Local Tap House on Google maps. could I say no?!?!?!  I also got to try a California Creamin from the Mother Earth Brewing Company.  If you are out this way, you have to stop here!!!!

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