Picture Me Imperfect: Shaming and not even realizing it

As we head into the holidays, I can't help but think about what this season means.  To a lot of people, it's about holiday parties, big family dinners, secret Santa, Christmas morning around the tree with their kids, and all of the beautiful Christmas lights outside. But with this season cannot help but be reminded that New Year's resolutions are around the corner. That time when everyone is going crazy over the money that they've spent, the weight that they've gained, and it's oddly filled with such negativity even though January means everything starts new again.  It's a new year for new things and a new way of going about it.

What I think about the most when I look back was being overweight.  I dreaded NYE.  I'd have to see and hear things that I didn't want to hear like "You just have to get moving", " you need to make time for yourself", "Stop being lazy!", "You want to lose it then do something about it!", "If you don't make time for yourself to get in the gym, you're setting a bad example!", Low calorie, No carb, No fat, Lift heavy, Run more, Keto, Weight Watchers, Atkins...

All of those things are filled with things that get turned into guilt, shame, anxiety, depression... the list goes on and on.  People that are overweight do not need to be reminded they're overweight.  They do not need in your face statements.  Heck, this doesn't just go for people who are overweight...it's anyone that doesn't feel comfortable in their own skin.  How about just telling someone you think something about them is awesome and let the rest go from there?

What I used to say while working as a Personal Trainer at Onslow Fitness... "just stop. Stop trying to do everything and make a small change then make another", "take baby steps and don't be so hard on yourself. You are the one doing this and I think you're doing pretty amazing", "celebrate your small victories because they pile up and become a mountain of victory" and most of all "I'll come with you!  Do you want to run?  I'm there.  Do you want to do Barre?  I'll go.  Just say you want some company and I'm there".  I truly believe this is the reason that I had a pretty packed schedule.  I genuinely believe that anyone can do anything no matter how big and scary it is.  I believe that with the new year on the horizon you can do anything you set your heart on.  I believe that you can take on the world and become everything and anything you dream of.  I believe that all the way down in the depths of my soul that each and every person is possible of greatness.

So get ready to walk out there with an open heart and open eyes.  Set all of that on what it is you truly want in life.  If you want to just be healthy then make that your intention and go out there and get it.  And if you're a little scared just say the word to someone around you, I bet you'd be surprised at the fact that you'd have an "I'm there" friend too.  And if not, message me and I'll be that person because I genuinely believe in you.

You are amazing ❤️



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