Date Night @ Local Tap House

DATE NIGHT!!!  WHAT WHAT!!!  After the last six years living very far from family, I have to say this was everything we could have asked for.  Truthfully, it was not planned.  My husband and I are both taking classes online.  He is in a bachelor’s degree program for electronic engineering-nanotechnology and I am finishing up pre-requisites […]

Something imperfect…

As I was beginning to write another “Fit Foodie” blog, I stopped myself.  I stared at the blank cursor and wondered what am I doing?  I have an abusive relationship with food.  Food loves me and then it hurts me.  I love Food, it rewards me with instant gratification and then adds more weight to […]

Fit Foodie: Farm Fresh to You

Excited does not even describe how I feel about this delivery this morning!!! I have never lived in an area that had this type of service or maybe I have and never knew about it. Either way…it’s here and in my kitchen!!!! I don’t know if this is everyone but it sure is me. In […]

Fit Foodie: Making moves back to normal

Pizza night here!!! Chicken Green bell peppers Onions Ricotta Salt Pepper Oregano Garlic This one was one of my hands down favorites that we’ve made!!! Gosh I love love love homemade pizza night! Mainly because you know for me to get toppings to that extent I may need a part time job but seriously it’s […]

Fit Foodie: PCS Meal Prep

Here goes nothing… the cabinets are officially emptied which created this… Southwestern scrambled eggs with brown sugar oatmeal Chicken lo mein Turkey burgers with roasted asparagus And that’s it. All else from here on out will be from a meal prep place or ready made from the grocery store. Thankfully we were able to do […]

Fit Foodie: Cooking down the cabinets

Here we are…in the beginning stages of our PCS, struggling to not emotionally eat all of our feelings BUT also to cook down what’s in our cabinets.  Some things I’m finding…well I’m not quite sure when those ingredients found their way in there but that’s a whole other menu planning problem.  Canned artichoke hearts…  Tapioca flour…  […]

Fit Foodie: Ruined by eggs

Some weeks you have it all figured out…  Other weeks it’s spaghetti-os and hot dogs for dinner.  This was a week with great intention but then ruined by the egg recall and dwindling motivation after that to get to the store for more.  We were able to pull things together before the asparagus went bad…so there’s […]

Fit Foodie: No Griping.

Well, I got called out…by my kids. They have just been going along with the flow of our life now without really griping. I was figuring it was because what we were having for dinner was the stuff they liked only like hot dogs, spaghetti or tacos. Little did I know they just didn’t want […]