Plans & Plates: Testing out Plan To Eat & Week 45

Menu planning is hard.  So many people put it out there that it is so easy, but it’s not.  Not when you are managing larger families, have growing kids, picky eaters…well, anything beyond a family that eats the same exact things at the same exact times.  Not knocking that…actually I envy that!  I envy the […]

Plans & Plates: Apple Pear Crisp Recipe & Week 44

Lofty goals…  That’s what I had!  Lofty goals.  Okay, maybe not lofty but I definitely did not pay attention while I menu planned.  I saw “easy”, “instant pot” and a delicious picture.  I need to be more thorough when I look through recipes for menu plans though.  Almost every one of them required prep work […]

Plans & Plates: Your Monday Reminder & Week 43

I suck at winging it last minute. I never remember to defrost the meat. Sometimes I actually setup the crockpot and turn it on…sometimes. But mostly, my pretty fresh veggies for menu plan get tossed because I’m not following the actual menu plan. That kind of stings to reveal being I am going to school […]

Fit Foodie: No Spend Month Cooking

This month has been a little tricky.  We have been trying to find what to do with random ingredients left over from previous unmade menu plans.  It definitely was not easy at first.  A lot of these meals are not our normal meals.  I have not included recipes on all of them because we made […]

Fit Foodie: Meal Rotation

After much deliberation with the hubby, we developed a meal rotation that we can be satisfied with repeating.  It is a six week rotation with 4 set recipes within each week.  This allows us to have room for take out when a day is too crazy, leftovers if the fridge is filling up and new […]

Fit Foodie: On Plan

Crock Pot Picadillo First Hello Fresh box… Hello Fresh: Pan-Seared Chicken and Orecchiette with Caramelized Bell Pepper and Parmesan Cream Sauce We were a little thrown off by this recipe.  The card that we had received called for broccoli and we received peas. CREAMY CHICKEN WILD RICE SOUP {SLOW COOKER} Hello Fresh: Turkish […]

Fit Foodie: My New Setup

My new setup…  In my search for a solution to simply being uninspired by the recipes of late, I decided to try going about this in a new way for us.  We’ve never been a rotation menu planning house.  It’s always been pick and pair recipes that I have been wanting to try off of […]

Fit Foodie: Adding Brinner to the menu!

        Bacon Topped Petite Turkey Meatloaf with BBQ Sauce BAKED CAPRESE RIGATONI YOU WON’T BE SINGLE FOR LONG VODKA CREAM PASTA Pumpkin Waffle Recipe  

Fit foodie: Hubby’s birthday!

Crock pot Chicken Adobo This was his choice for meal time!  We did half of the drumsticks with the skin on and the other half with the skin off to test the flavoring.  Next time…all skin off for us!  All the yummy goodness was there without it!!!   Pear Crisp (adapted from The Feed […]

Menu plan: Winging it…sorta

We haven’t been cooking too much this last week due to Miss Hannah’s arrival, but we have enjoyed some yummy homemade meals from friends!  The two that we did have the chance for… Lighter Eggplant Parmesan We made a couple substitutions to the recipe due to what we had in the house.  My sauce […]