Nesting: Washcloths & Burp Clothes

I had a bit of terry cloth leftover from other projects and in my nesting process was desperate to find something to do with it for Baby Hannah.  While searching around on Pinterest, I found two different projects that really interested me.  It’s the two things I feel you never have enough of for baby…washcloths […]

Fit Prego: Might be time to stop.

I’ve entered the realm of sleepless nights and back laboring.  Normal errands and appointments have been enough to get to the halfway of my daily step goals in FitBIt.  I find that this pregnancy I have definitely been feeling more.  Not sure if it’s because this is number 4 or maybe because I am a […]

Nesting: Minky blanket

A boutique style baby blanket with designer print and minky! First cut down the size that you’d like.  A normal baby blanket is about a 29″ x 35″ (cut a 30″ x 36″ to allow for a 1/2″ seam all around). I love rounded edges, so I folded it in half twice then placed down […]

Nesting: Baby wipes & wipes solution bottle with recipe

How can you not love simple, little projects! The cover on the bottle was easy peasy! Measure around.  Cut adding an additional inch. I serged the top and bottom of the flannel Sew a 1/2″ seam to the edges.  Done! These are baby wipes that I made from scrap flannel I had. Cut them into […]

Fit Prego: Oh what a feeling!

Yes, I am slowing down.  Well I guess that depends on your definition of the word.  I am indoors.  I’ve been mostly cleaning, sewing, studying and cooking!  Lately I have been quite mindful of not overdoing it.  There’s one big thing that I did not realize before…being more fit means I can feel more.  It […]

Venturing down the path of cloth diapering

Some people may think I have lost my mind. Here I am on baby number 4 debating cloth diapering. But have I really? I’ve always been curious about cloth diapering but the yuck factor stopped me. Well by baby number 4…I’ve seen it all, smelled it all, touched it all and even worse…worn it all. […]

Letters to you: 35 weeks

Here’s my letter to you… Daddy and I have been cleaning everything that was left to clean. Your bag and mine are packed for the hospital! Your big brother and bigger sister are anxiously waiting. They continue to ask every day if you are finished growing inside my belly. One more week for the all […]

Fit Prego: The drop

I have successfully managed to survive through to the belly drop. Proudly, I have officially maintained 30+ less than I was through my last pregnancy almost 2 years ago. All my food tracking and exercise has been paying off! All my fighting the stereotype of pregnancy weight being necessary and the eating for two excuse…paid […]

Fit Prego: Yes!

It’s really amazing how people react when you say that you’re still running.  So many look at you with amazement and yet there are still people that look at you with negativity.  I feel no need to respond to the negatives.  I only look at the positive and say yes!  Yes I am still going! […]

Letters to you: 33 weeks

Here’s my letter to you… We are creeping up to the point of the every week appointments at the doctor’s office. That probably doesn’t mean much to you at the moment but it sure tells us that your arrival is getting really close. I can tell you this. You seem to love our cup of […]