Picture Me Imperfect: Food & I

This last year has been hard.  Like really hard.  From August 2012, I had been on this crazy journey of learning to run and weight loss.  In that time I have run over fifty races from 5Ks to ultramarathons.  This body has gone from 212 lbs to 140 lbs (all-time high was 265 lbs in […]

Marathon Training Week 11 & the last for 2018.

This week was amazing. I got the chance to meet up with a running friend from North Carolina over here in California. What a small world the US Marine Corps really is! Well, she offered to long run with me and with a 16 miler on the plan…I had to take her up on the […]

Marathon Training Week 10

My runs this week have been slow and painful. I have had to pull myself out of focusing on the “I can’t do this” broken record playing in my head. But really…these runs are temporary pain. They take place in a mere blip in the timeline of life. Sure, they all build my body towards […]

Be-You-tifully Fit: Checking back in

Prior to this move, I had put on some weight with lots of strength in my daily. Running had been shorter distances too. Different period in my training, but this… This is all the move. I have backtracked a bit from my goals. The muscle gained is hidden or lost, but I don’t regret this […]

Marathon Training Week 7, 8 & 9…In PCS Muck

I have not run in 3 weeks. It has been killing me to just have those lines through my training plan. The empties on my Garmin Connect. I had such thoughts of grandeur heading into this. I really thought that I’d just pack my fitness suitcase and still pull off 11, 12 & 13 mile […]

MCM Training Week 3

The last week in our home. I ran the streets one more time. These beautiful streets of the golf course. They have helped me train through countless races of countless distances. With summer runs that ended jumping in the pool… RAGNAR training runs done in the darkness with friends on the nature trails created by […]

Be-You-Tifully Fit: All the wrong things

I know better, but here I am. Finding myself splurging on a variety of things. Eating my feelings. There’s no happiness at the bottom of the bag though. Running is tough. It feels like each one gets harder than the last. I attempted going to a place that my heart is happy and just run […]