Crazy Runderful Half Marathon Training Plan

Crazy Runderful’s half marathon plan is based on the knowledge that a runner needs to not only run but to have other means to help support strong running.  This plan has three definite running days, some cross-training/easy run days and a three-day strength routine.  Within the running, there are different paced workouts as well to keep you on track to achieving your goals.  Each aspect helps you become a stronger runner as you go through this process and make your way to the starting line.  A sample yoga stretch routine is also included ensuring that one of the most important aspects of training is completed…recovery.

What is included…

  • 12 Week Running & Strength Plan
  • Sample Yoga Stretching Routine
  • Fueling advice
  • Weather compensation
  • Dealing with taper
  • A Private Facebook Support Group
  • One on one access via email
  • Accountability check-ins