Plans & Plates: Well hello, winter sports, kid-friendly fast meals & mug cakes for mom

It took me over 24 hours to menu plan this last go round. AN ENTIRE DAY! Why? Because menu planning is tough? No. Because I have picky eaters? No. Because I couldn’t decide what to make? No. It’s because I wasn’t able to stop the winter sports, holiday, and doctor appointment craziness to sit for […]

Picture Me Imperfect: Shaming and not even realizing it

As we head into the holidays, I can’t help but think about what this season means.  To a lot of people, it’s about holiday parties, big family dinners, secret Santa, Christmas morning around the tree with their kids, and all of the beautiful Christmas lights outside. But with this season cannot help but be reminded […]

Plans & Plates: It’s Christmas time! (Week 48)

A tradition in our house is Christmas arrives after the turkey feast is done! I may not always be happy about it BUT it’s the compromise between my husband and me.  This year it was delayed a little further because we are near family!!!  We enjoyed dinner, relaxing and Black Friday shopping while the kids […]

Plans & Plates: MasterChef Jr Bake Off in the Doria House & Week 47

WHAT AN EXCITING WEEK!  Thanksgiving week!!!  Truth be told, I was feeling crazy weighed down with my schedule.  I had 8 chapters to read for school, cheer meetings, my hubby needed a ham for his work’s dinner, and my mother in law tasked us with bringing desserts.  We have been watching non-stop Hell’s Kitchen and […]

Plans & Plates: MUFFINS!!! & Week 46

I love it when a good plan comes together.  Does anyone else remember hearing that often from their childhood?  I can close my eyes and picture my Pop Pop Frank sitting in his chair watching A-Team.  It is one of my happier memories.  That and Hogan’s Heroes.  But more than that…  I remember the smells […]

Plans & Plates: Testing out Plan To Eat & Week 45

Menu planning is hard.  So many people put it out there that it is so easy, but it’s not.  Not when you are managing larger families, have growing kids, picky eaters…well, anything beyond a family that eats the same exact things at the same exact times.  Not knocking that…actually I envy that!  I envy the […]

Kodiak Cakes Protein Pancakes in a Mug

My family was scavenging early Sunday morning.  It was the week of payday aka the week that the refrigerator is completely empty all of the sudden.  Everyone was getting a little whiney.  This one wanted eggs.  That one wanted pancakes.  Someone suggested frozen waffles.  Everyone shot that down.  And to be quite honest, I did […]

Fit Foodie: Making moves back to normal

Pizza night here!!! Chicken Green bell peppers Onions Ricotta Salt Pepper Oregano Garlic This one was one of my hands down favorites that we’ve made!!! Gosh I love love love homemade pizza night! Mainly because you know for me to get toppings to that extent I may need a part time job but seriously it’s […]

Be-You-Tifully Fit: GF Life

It’s hard to explain to people why I seemingly “try all the fads”.  When Adrian and I first started down our lifestyle change, it was with the thoughts of just swapping for healthier choices.  We choose fresh veggies over canned and less pasta/bread.  After that, we moved to “eating clean”.  Attempted paleo meals here and […]