Plans & Plates: MasterChef Jr Bake Off in the Doria House & Week 47

WHAT AN EXCITING WEEK!  Thanksgiving week!!!  Truth be told, I was feeling crazy weighed down with my schedule.  I had 8 chapters to read for school, cheer meetings, my hubby needed a ham for his work’s dinner, and my mother in law tasked us with bringing desserts.  We have been watching non-stop Hell’s Kitchen and […]

Plans & Plates: MUFFINS!!! & Week 46

I love it when a good plan comes together.  Does anyone else remember hearing that often from their childhood?  I can close my eyes and picture my Pop Pop Frank sitting in his chair watching A-Team.  It is one of my happier memories.  That and Hogan’s Heroes.  But more than that…  I remember the smells […]

Fit Foodie: The looooong pay period

My husband and I wince when the few long pay periods come along.  Currently, we are on a 19 day one and it is rough in the menu plan department.  We could have done a little less on the last pay’s groceries but we changed our budgeting plan to calculate the days in the pay period […]

Fit Foodie: Meal prep has forced its way back in.

I have not been posting lately regarding our family’s fit foodie adventures but we have still been venturing outside the comfort zones.  Recently though, I have been indulging almost completely in my Christmas gift from my in-laws, the Skinnytaste Cookbook.   Spiralized Shanghai Beef and Broccoli Zucchini Lasagna NO BAKE BANANA BREAD BITES (PALEO, […]

Fit Foodie: Last of 2015

Kodiak power cakes with nutella and banana Homemade sausage ramen soup Yellow pepper, red pepper, crushed tomato, garlic on one side AND black olive & pineapple added to it all on the other! Final Hello Fresh meal:  Pork Tenderloin with roasted sweet potato and green beans! Grilled Cheese Pull Aparts

Fit Foodie: On Plan

Crock Pot Picadillo First Hello Fresh box… Hello Fresh: Pan-Seared Chicken and Orecchiette with Caramelized Bell Pepper and Parmesan Cream Sauce We were a little thrown off by this recipe.  The card that we had received called for broccoli and we received peas. CREAMY CHICKEN WILD RICE SOUP {SLOW COOKER} Hello Fresh: Turkish […]

Fit Foodie: Finding the love

Honey pumpkin cornbread Chicken & asparagus stir fry Chicken & mushroom in white wine sauce Sweet corn & crab soup Prosciutto & asparagus homemade pizza

3rd Fitversary!

Another year has gone by…  It’s weird now though.  Last year was a huge year filled with change (  This year a lot has changed.  I have hit a point in my weight loss that the scale tends to stay the same and the gains I’m achieving are different.  This year has been about goals […]

Fit Foodie: Cabinet cleaning aka wing it.

Whole 30 approved Burrito Bowl We changed the recipe a little to fit us a little more.  Ground turkey, white kidney beans and melted cheese.  Came out tasty! Stuffing chicken casserole! Swapped the diced tomatoes for a cream of celery, mozzarella for cheddar and basil for garlic.  SO good!  Could you tell we […]